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Marc Garneau

Marc Garneau

I have been running since my senior year of high school, off and on. 

I joined Frontrunners in 2016. I came out in 2015 – later in my life – and spent the first part of that year learning about myself as a gay man. Eventually I came to realize that it would be a very wise idea to make new friends in the gay community who shared my interest in running. Because I’m the father of a 12 year old girl, and raising her in a far northern suburb, my totem pole attendance is irregular, so I look forward to those opportunities when I can be at the totem pole, usually on a Saturday morning. My daughter sometimes joins me for club events or at the club focus races. She loves the friends I’ve made through the club, and I’m so proud to involve her in my life through Frontrunners!

Running with Frontrunners is a big part of my journey since I came out in 2016, living a positive, healthy lifestyle, feeling part of a community and making some great friends along the way.

John Avila
John AvilaBoard Member

Running is how I challenge myself, physically and mentally. It is also one of my social circles, a way to connect with people who have similar interests. The fact that Frontrunners is an LGBTA running club was so important to me since I came to the club shortly after coming out. I really appreciated the knowledge that I was among other members of the community and allies.

Marc Garneau
Marc GarneauBoard Member
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