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Lindsey Carden

Lindsey Carden

John Bowen, the president of Frontrunners/Frontwalkers, recruited me to join almost 2 years ago.  As someone that would not have considered herself a walker much less a runner, with the help and encouragement of the club, I have been able to be active and participate in activities that I would not have had the confidence to before.  Having so many opportunities to volunteer and be involved in our community has been very fruitful in my personal goals as well.  I have also met some of the most amazing people, formed lifelong friendships and continuously learn how to be a better ally every day being part of such a diverse club. I didn’t just join a running club, I joined a network of likeminded, goal-oriented, driven, fun-loving, philanthropic individuals that support me and my running/walking goals with a little extra love.

Running with Frontrunners is a big part of my journey since I came out in 2016, living a positive, healthy lifestyle, feeling part of a community and making some great friends along the way.

John Avila
John AvilaBoard Member

Running is how I challenge myself, physically and mentally. It is also one of my social circles, a way to connect with people who have similar interests. The fact that Frontrunners is an LGBTA running club was so important to me since I came to the club shortly after coming out. I really appreciated the knowledge that I was among other members of the community and allies.

Marc Garneau
Marc GarneauBoard Member
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